Child dating older man single nudist dating service

24-Oct-2017 00:33

We have been visiting, before, on weekends when she is visiting, and it's a little strained.

He spends two weekends a month with his daughter..weekend, he flies to the city where she lives with her mom, and one weekend, she flies to NYC, where he lives w/ current GF, and visits.

But the salient issue for me is that he married a much younger woman when he was around 50.

Sure, a 25 year old is more attractive and hot than 99% of women his own age, but just have a fling with the young woman, don't MARRY them.

Except when they voice their reluctance to do so, they are lambasted mercilessly on CD for being shallow and insensitive. I don't know that she sees herself as stepmom material, but she may not have to worry about it...

I think my boyfriend's dad may have finally learned not to get married. I don't like kids and would never marry a man with a young child.That would be a real deal-breaker for me as well (if I were in that age group/dating someone that age). I'm 47 and dating men 50 and older, and it is amazing the number of men who have 'young' children. I highly recommend women stay away from guys with a history of dating much younger women.

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