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We've all met one special girl that we won't ever forget, every single one of us; and for Axl, she was it.

When Izzy and he girl broke up, Axl asked her out and on their first date, she told him its not going to work out.

He forgets about everything else in the world and just sings. Here vocals are really impressive with amazing guitar solos It's not easy to choose one of this marvelous songs but Don't cry... Knocking on heaven's door is one of my favourite songs but I'll always be a fan of the original version. You can tell they wrote it around the time of writing all the songs on Appetite and it could easily have been on that album. - Dendo Patience This should definitely be one of the top 3�s, if not, at least top 5�s. this is one of the best slash is using a acoustic guitar which is what made this song so amazing hahaha to the comment 'i will fight anyone who doesn't like this song' I shall back you up I liked this song when I worked because it reminded me to be Nightrain Appetite For Destruction was their best album... It was the filthy hard sounding guitar and Axl's incredible voice. Idc better than knockin on heavens door Coma The last 3 minutes of the song is probably the greatest moment in music history In my opinion this song could be their best, but definitely top 5. Once this song begins, its impossible to turn it off because it starts of good and just gets better and better with every second. This song immediately grabs you tight and doesn't release you until the whole song is finished. The beat to this song is unlike anything in the world... Everything is so beautiful, my favorite song PERIOD!

My favorite You Could Be Mine From Matt's Solo in the beginning, to Duff's groovy lick before the epic Dual Guitar riff from Slash and Izzy Stradlin to Axl's screeching vocals and throughout the whole song, It gave me goosebumps, because with your bitch slap rapping and your cocaine tongue, you get nothin' done Nice to see the big 3 from Appetite all in the top 4. Terminator 2 was my favourite movie for a long time and it had the added bonus of having this song in it. Guns N' Roses are one of the best bands of music history and this song too... It has the raging solo's, and holds up with Welcome To The Jungle as one of the best sounding songs of G N' R. Although it is 10 minutes long there is no moment it gets boring. The way Axl's growl and Slash's riffs hits you like a bat and makes you shake your head. My Michelle YOUR DADDY WORKS IN PORNO, NOW THAT MOMMYS NOT AROUND! the lyrics are intense, the guitars are great, the drums are great. should be in the top 10 Best Guns N' Roses Song ever - kylebuschfan18 I completely love this song in fact its my favorite song by Guns N Roses and its also off of their biggest albums this song is one the best also I really think that this song should be number 1 but for some reason everybody's favorite is Sweet Child O'Mine I do not know why but I prefer for My Michelle to be number 1 - michaelwalton This song is so raw and brutal with a killer opening and great lyrics, absolutlz love it. It's even better than sweet child, paradise city and welcome to the jungle! Very catchy, changes tempo multiple times effortlessly. The song is brilliant, if the lyrics were changed in two parts of the song, it would have topped charts.

Some of the stories behind ’s ascension into the stratosphere are the stuff of legend; other parts are verifiable history that have either been revised, or forgotten by the dead brain cells of those who lived in that cultural milieu.

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It seems there we are flying when he starts the guitar solo... This song has some of the most beautiful lyrics, and when accompanied by full orchestra and and Elton John-ish piano, it builds to the massive, mesmerizing solo that Slash delivers...

He just put aside his masculinity for a minuet and started crying, and she told him "don't cry".

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