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Tips submitted through this website are securely encrypted, entirely confidential, completely anonymous and are immediately and securely transferred directly to the Crime Stoppers offices which use Tip Soft – Tip Management Software.Do not divulge any personal information that could identify you – our goal is for you to remain anonymous.If given within an appropriate period of time, the likelihood of antibiotics being effective is high,” Holmes said.

In 50 to 70 per cent of instances, early symptoms of Lyme disease include a classic bull’s-eye target rash.To assist the investigators, please keep your story clear and concise, including where, when, why, how and what.During the call the tipster is given a confidential number which is what they will use whenever they call to update the police coordinator’s office. You will never have to give your name or testify in court and you may be eligible for a cash reward.She felt unprotected by her employer, but her Nova Scotia Human RIghts complaint was dismissed before it reached the tribunal stage.

Now Ann is taking the Human Rights Commission to court.We give the tipster a description of the person paying him or her.