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The initial phase is similar to the first phase of Viva Rapid Transit, with buses running in existing lanes, while the full implementation will provide dedicated bus-only lanes and utilize transit signal priority to save travel time.These lanes, which incorporate bicycle lanes into their design, A further advancement of rapid transit is now in the proposal stage; the Highway 2 BRT would eventually be replaced with light rail transit all the way east to Courtice Road in Clarington, and west into Scarborough in Toronto.DRT is organized into operating divisions mirroring its predecessor systems: Most of DRT's operational and maintenance services are provided by regional staff who are members of Canadian Auto Workers Local 222.Whitby initially operated under the terms of an existing Whitby Transit contract with Trentway-Wagar.a funding package of .3 million for a "Quick Win" implementation of a bus rapid transit line along Highway 2.This funding package was approved in full as part of the 2008 provincial budget, and a preliminary BRT implementation is expected to be running within three years.There has been some discussion of the possibility of creating a rapid transit line along the Durham Highway 2 corridor.

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The drivers and maintenance staff are therefore employees of Trentway-Wagar. As a consequence of an operational budget shortfall, DRT implemented service cutbacks in December 2007 and March 2008, including cancellation of midday services, reduction in service hours and frequencies, and elimination of its 10 Ajax route.

The provincial Minister of Transportation has announced plans to introduce a unified smartcard-based payment system for the entire Greater Toronto Area called "Presto card".