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The Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan and the edicts of Aśoka suggest that the Buddhist monks spread Buddhism (Dharma) in eastern provinces of the Seleucid Empire, and possibly even farther into West Asia.The Delhi Sultanate covered varying parts of South Asia, and was ruled by a series of dynasties, called Mamluk, Khalji, Tughlaq, Sayyid and Lodi dynasties.Later, the Maurya Empire extended over much of South Asia in the 3rd century BCE.Buddhism spread beyond the Indian subcontinent, through northwest into Central Asia.Afghanistan was of importance to the British colonial empire, especially after the Second Anglo-Afghan War over 1878–1880.

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Additionally Burma was administered as part of the Raj until 1937, but is now considered a part of Southeast Asia and is a member state of ASEAN.

This geological region largely includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

An important note: The human exposure element does not measure exposure levels, but rather indicates that the EPA believes there is a reasonable expectation that people may be exposed to contamination—exactly what the Superfund teams spend their time trying to alleviate.#1, Milford, New Hampshire: Fletcher's Paint Works and Storage Acres: 2 Population: 10,000 Toxic chemicals: 34 History: From 1949 to 1991 Fletcher's Paint Works operated a retail store and storage facility in this small New Hampshire town along the Souhegan River.… continue reading »

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Before Fionn Regan -- currently missing, presumed to be working on new material -- the most recent Republic of Ireland nominees were south Dublin soft poppers The Thrills and Co Tipperary singer Gemma Hayes, honoured for her 2002 LP Night On My Side.… continue reading »

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Dec 5, 2010 Ruff Ryders MC announces Black Bike Week as the Official 2011 Memorial Day Event.… continue reading »

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The classic-country singer is currently in the early planning stages, working with Pasadena officials on securing land and a business plan to begin a new era of Gilley's.… continue reading »

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This makes it the oldest university in Denmark and one of the oldest in Europe.… continue reading »

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