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Code § 6500.151 (relating to assessment); and 55 Pa. (5) Copies of the ISP, including annual updates and revisions under § 6400.186 (relating to ISP review and revision), shall be provided as required under § 6400.187 (relating to copies). Code § 6400.44 (relating to program specialist); 55 Pa. Code § 6400.186 (relating to ISP review and revision); 55 Pa. (c) The plan lead shall be responsible for developing and implementing the ISP, including annual updates and revisions. (2) The individual resides at a residential home licensed under this chapter and attends a facility licensed under Chapter 2380 or 2390 (relating to adult training facilities; and vocational facilities). (iii) The method and timeline for eliminating the use of restrictive procedures. The provisions of this § 6400.183 adopted August 27, 2010, effective August 28, 2010, 40 Pa. (1) A plan team must include as its members the following: (i) The individual. (ii) A protocol for addressing the underlying causes or antecedents of the behavior. (a) The plan team shall participate in the development of the ISP, including the annual updates and revisions under § 6400.186 (relating to ISP review and revision).

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(4) A protocol and schedule outlining specified periods of time for the individual to be without direct supervision, if the individual’s current assessment states the individual may be without direct supervision and if the individual’s ISP includes an expected outcome which requires the achievement of a higher level of independence. (7) Assessment of the individual’s potential to advance in the following: (i) Residential independence. (iii) A direct service worker who works with the individual from each provider delivering services to the individual.

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