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18-Oct-2017 14:24

) by honoring the parts we played in our own dating demise; therein lies one of the keys to changing your relationship landscape.

Here are a few more: Conscious relating requires us to be accountable for the choices we make at every stage of the dating game.

When you find yourself feeling insecure or doubtful with your partner, what response do you reach for?

Acknowledging how you handle dating discomfort will help you understand how to better navigate this emotional territory in the future.

Pre mňa je to prioritne príbeh o slobode človeka, neumierajúcej nádeji a sile vôle jednotlivca, ktorú nedokázalo zlomiť prostredie väznice, tyranský riaditeľ, či väzenskí dozorcovia. Ako je možné, že niečo tak prirodzené, ako je sloboda jednotlivca obmedzená prirodzeným spoločenským inštitútom vlastníctva v spoločnosti, sa toľko politikov za podpory mnohých ľudí vždy pokúša zviazať a obmedziť.

Ako keby nás posielali do väznice Shawnashank, ako keby z nás chceli vyplieť ľudskosť.

The inability to give ourselves a break for not knowing how to show up differently in the past also does little for our growth and understanding of the parts we play in our present relationships.

Forgiveness for choices we made that brought the d-bags in—and that brought out our own bad behavior—helps us move forward with a greater ability to make more loving relationship choices in the future.

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He’s consistently inconsistent, disappointing in just about every area—and he has an unsettling talent for saying the wrong thing.Pôvodne som zamýšľal, že tu budem písať hlavne o filmoch, ktoré som videl v kine a ktoré sú pre diváka nové.Vzhľadom na pracovné povinnosti nechodím až tak často do kina a preto som sa rozhodol, že budem tento deficit kompenzovať filmami, ktoré pre diváka až tak nové nie sú. Prvý krát som tento film videl v kine asi v roku 1996 (presne si ta nepamätám) a naposledy v piatok v nemenovanej komerčnej televízií JOJ.A big question we must ask ourselves, especially when we want to point fingers, particularly the middle one, at our partners is, Being responsible for our own messes, as well as our happiness and clear communication goes a long way in helping us stay present in our relationships, rather than leaving it to the other person to guess at what’s in our mind and heart.

Control is a biggie for some of us, and it’s a behemoth to people who think they’re easygoing and low-maintenance.Sometimes, expressing compassion for our former relationship selves is the hardest.

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