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No Montenegro team has ever qualified for a major tournament.Their senior side is in a promising position for the 2018 World Cup, and if Stefan Jovetic, Stefan Savic and co beat Denmark in Podgorica on Thursday night they will be heading for the play-offs.By 1300 there were five bridges crossing the Wensum – Bishops Bridge, Whitefriars, Fye, St. Those original bridges have seen many changes over the years and, in the 19th century, more river crossings were built as Norwich continued to expand.Although navigation on the River Wensum is prohibited to hire craft beyond Bishops Bridge, just beyond the Yacht Station in Norwich, the river is still navigable through the city right up to New Mills.If the seniors do not make it to the World Cup, the burden will fall on his generation.This is the first of a series of articles on the bridges, past and present, of the Norfolk Broads which hopes to provide a little bit of the history surrounding them, along with photographs old and new where possible.In 1194 Norwich was granted the status of a city and continued to grow during the medieval period when it held huge importance as a centre for commerce and religion.Between 12 the city walls were constructed, along with 12 gatehouses which were heavily fortified and collected tolls from those wishing to enter. It is said that some 30,000 people were living within the city walls and, by the 14th century, Norwich was the chief manufacturer of worsted cloth, an industry which only began to decline during the early 1800’s.

And leading the charge are two twin brothers, born and brought up in England, currently playing for Leeds United and Wigan Athletic.Soon enough he was playing for Benfica B in the Portuguese second tier, alongside Victor Lindelof, Renato Sanches and Joao Carvalho.“Playing professional football was the best thing to happen to me so far, especially playing more than 60 games in that league,” he said.But like his brother his heart has always been with Montenegro.

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“Montenegro is the country my dad is from, it’s in my blood and I’m passionate about it,” Oliver explains.

Alongside the articles there will also be an interactive map for each river which will mark the position of the bridges and give brief historical notes about each.